A meeting of extremes is what Arno Coenen (1972) aims to achieve with his art. Coenen's images reveal refreshing similarities between things that are generally represented as separate and incompatible in contemporary media. A good example is Coenen's colourful tile mural ‘Oost, west, thuis best' (translates as ‘home is where the heart is'), which was acquired by Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, or his work for the new Markthal in Rotterdam (team Coenen : Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam, Michiel van Iperen, Frank aan de Stegge, Dustin Kershaw, Marinus de Ruiter, in collaboration with Winy Maas, Frank Hanswijk and produced by Mothership).

Coenen is fascinated with the rise of cultures coming from abroad, as well as developments in subcultures, youth culture and pop culture. His special interest lies with the more explosive subcultural phenomena, such as hooliganism, heavy metal and martial arts culture. Collaboration is a necessity of life to him. Coenen also works as a curator and organizer.